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FreedomPay has a long history in secure electronic payments. Translation: you can exhale now.



Setting the standard for security with EMV, tokenization and PCI Validated P2PE


Securing vulnerable payment data and reducing a merchant’s PCI scope are now more critical than ever.  FreedomPay is helping enterprises ensure the security of their customer data with PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), together with EMV and tokenization.

The EMV chip card standard is transforming the point of sale in the United States, but the chip technology only prevents card duplication fraud and does not secure payment data.

PCI Validated P2PE and tokenization fill the security gaps left exposed from EMV transactions, protecting data in transit and at rest in the merchant’s environment.  And as a fully validated solution, FreedomPay is approved by the PCI Security Council to reduce scope for PCI compliance.

Non-validated P2PE solutions, and encryption solutions that do not support EMV cards leave systems vulnerable to attack and merchants exposed to significant liability.



Our goal is to help you turn electronic transactions into priceless business information. It’s a paradigm shift, all right, and here’s how we do it:

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    Use one gateway to streamline every transaction.

  • Integration Library

    Boost your enterprise without re-engineering everything.


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