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We’re growing as fast as the industry we have pioneered.
Here’s what we’ve been doing lately.

Make Holiday Shopping Safer with FreedomPay P2PE

As 2016 draws to a close, the next big national trend is a robust holiday shopping season, a sign that consumers are ready to spend again. The National Retail Federation predicts a massive Thanksgiving shopping weekend, kicked off by Black Friday specials. More than 137.4…

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Automate cafeteria purchases with FreedomPay

On the heels of a national trend toward cashless transactions, higher education facilities, companies, and hospitals across the country have been looking for ways to automate cafeteria purchases. For customers, cashless transactions provide the transparency of knowing how their money is being spent. This only…

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FreedomPay’s Pay-at-Table Solution Offers Enhanced Service and Security with Point-to-Point (P2PE) Encryption Technology

Tableside payment solutions are increasingly in demand in today’s competitive hospitality industry. The improved check-out times these systems provide benefit both consumers and proprietors. But these payment options come with challenges as well. What about security? Can restaurants assure consumers that their payment data is…

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FreedomPay Wows RetailNOW 2016

This summer, FreedomPay joined merchants and payment solutions providers from around the world at RSPA RetailNOW 2016 in Grapevine, Texas, for high impact educational seminars, networking, and a few rounds of golf. Thousands of attendees gathered to learn and discuss the current state and future…

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Commitment to Service: FreedomPay Customers Leverage Our Expertise

October of 2015 marked a big month for FreedomPay customers – it represented the deadline for merchants to transition more than one billion payment cards to the EMV standard, and upwards of 12 million credit card terminals at merchant locations.  FreedomPay’s advanced commerce platform made…

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The ABC’s of Payment Security

Every day we swipe our credit cards at gas pumps, grocery stores, or other kiosks to purchase products or services. Unfortunately, hackers can break into this technology to steal personal information during the payment transaction. To safeguard the consumer’s personal information against theft, payment security…

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Mobile Phones as Money: The Rise of NFC Payments

The telephone has come a long way within 140 years, since Alexander Graham Bell first rang his assistant with the immortal words, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you”. The invention of the phone, has since been shrunk down to fit into the…

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The Future of Campus Security

College campuses are known as places where diverse cultures meet and a melting pot of information and experiences are shared. Included in this melting pot of diversity are the different credit cards that thousands of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests use every day.  Protecting the…

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