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2020 Banking Innovation: RBI Readers Give Their Expert Forecasts

The financial services industry is undergoing significant change. A nexus of influences – rising customer expectations, mounting operational costs, leading-edge technology, a shifting risk landscape, regulations du jour, and growing competition from tech-savvy newcomers – has indelibly altered the playing field. It’s no surprise that…

Posted January 10, 2020 | READ MORE

What Guest Loyalty in the Digital Era Really Means

It’s widely acknowledged across many service industries around the globe that there has been a fundamental shift in customer loyalty and behavior during recent years. We now live in a world where customers expect and demand highly personalized, high-touch and genuinely rewarding goods and services….

Posted December 16, 2019 | READ MORE

The Future Of Payments: 2020 And Beyond

Chris Kronenthal, FreedomPay: Businesses that have implemented a strategic plan to solve the payment data and digital infrastructure challenges will be the most successful in 2020 and beyond Customers are pushing the boundaries of technology. Demand for more innovative, easier and faster ways to pay…

Posted December 16, 2019 | READ MORE

Why Data is Key to Survival in the Payments Business

The future of payments is set to be led by data – not just in the way that merchants and customers use it to the best effect, but also to create the types of benefits that are central to both parties achieving the best outcome….

Posted November 22, 2019 | READ MORE

Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Providers – 2019

With the changed consumer behavior to browse and purchase ‘all the time and everywhere’, it has become a real challenge for the merchants to adopt an open service model. Due to this increasing customer demands, payments industry players have broken new ground in the last…

Posted November 14, 2019 | READ MORE

Rethinking Consumer Engagement

More and more, retailers are learning that the key to powerful loyalty programs lies in payments. Technology has evolved beyond comprehension over the years, and so customer behavior is changing. The consumer is ever-more demanding, and no more so than in the services industry. It’s…

Posted September 13, 2019 | READ MORE

European regulators prepare SCA flexibility for struggling industry

Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and other national competent authorities (NCAs) across Europe are looking to offer windows of flexibility to a payments industry struggling to meet the looming September deadline for strong customer authentication (SCA) under the second Payments Services Directive (PSD2). According to a document…

Posted July 30, 2019 | READ MORE

Top 5 Mobile Trends that Will Drive The Future of Payments

Mobile payment technology has already changed the way purchases are made. here are the top mobile trends that will drive the future of payments. FREMONT CA: The trend of mobile payment has escalated quickly because it is easy to use, convenient, and also increases the…

Posted July 29, 2019 | READ MORE

FreedomPay CTO: GDPR still a concern as SCA deadline looms

Despite the encroaching September deadline for strong customer authentication (SCA) under the second Payments Services Directive (PSD2), merchants and payments market participants are equally concerned about the ramifications of the already-mandated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to Chris Kronenthal, chief technology officer (CTO) at…

Posted July 29, 2019 | READ MORE


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