Posted April 02, 2013 by FreedomPay

Microsoft and FreedomPay Partner on Mobile


Microsoft considers themselves to be a devices and services company, not a payments company. They don’t want to be a payments company, but they know that payments will be an enabler for Microsoft devices and services. Microsoft knows that the right payments platform will help them sell more of their technology so they needed to select a partner.

Microsoft set out on a mission to create an official Point of View (POV) on this market space. They researched many products and searched high and low for information about the space in order to develop what would become the Microsoft Point of View (POV) on Mobile Wallets and Payments.

Microsoft scoured the planet looking for the ‘right’ fit and evaluated the offerings of over 160 software companies over 18 months, but none of them met Microsoft’s unique vision of the mobile commerce space. Microsoft needed a partner that had a true platform approach, could support enterprise clients, maintain the highest levels of security standards, and deliver this all through an easy to use, friendly interface.

And then Microsoft found the FreedomPay Commerce Platform™ and the synergies between the Microsoft Point of View and the FreedomPay Commerce Platform were uncanny. It was as if the product had been designed per the POV or the POV had been written about the product. Kismet.

Microsoft now identifies FreedomPay as a strategic partner in the digital wallet and mobile payment space since our product aligns closely with the Microsoft payment strategy. Microsoft and FreedomPay continue to work closely together to align their technologies and deliver the best possible solutions for shared customers. Microsoft now sees us as an important partner in their broader go-to-market strategy in payment innovation and we’re officially part of the Microsoft Partner Network.

“In the past, the payments business was very transactional. Today, social and mobile connectivity means the payments business is an information business,” commented Colin Kerr, industry solutions director, worldwide financial services at Microsoft. “The heart of this is the digital wallet, and Microsoft has identified FreedomPay with its Commerce Platform as a strategic partner aligned closely with the Microsoft go to market strategy for innovative payment and mobile wallet solutions on Windows Azure and Windows Phone.”