Posted June 16, 2015 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay at HITEC: Solutions For Hospitality


In response to today’s rapidly expanding payments ecosystem, hospitality merchants with multiple payment technologies and providers across point of sale systems, property management systems, online commerce, call centers and third party systems can leverage FreedomPay to consolidate payment data through a single platform that removes sensitive cardholder data completely out of the merchant’s environment for PCI compliance.

FreedomPay offers a PCI Validated P2PE gateway with certifications on all of North America’s major payment processors for Retail, Restaurant, Lodging and E-Commerce, as well as SKU-level data with every transaction record.   The Commerce Platform enables merchants to accept EMV chip cards, NFC mobile wallet payments, secure online payments, and creates tokenized versions of payment data coming from online booking sites. FreedomPay provides the largest selection of PCI Validated P2PE devices available on the market, giving merchants unparalleled choice and flexibility to address all card-present and card-not-present use cases.

Merchants are also able to leverage FreedomPay to deliver a range of value-added services such as loyalty rewards and incentives, dynamic currency conversion (DCC), interactive tablets at the point of sale, and business intelligence applications with SKU-level transaction data.

An industry being transformed by evolving customer preferences and the need to stay ahead of the competition is joining with FreedomPay and its world class partners to deliver innovative technologies that redefine the customer experience.

Point Of Sale Integrations

Many merchants employ a disparate mix of point of sale and property management systems across their enterprise, which can lead to fragmented payments and varied compliance responsibilities.  FreedomPay can help merchants simplify their payment technology infrastructure with integrations across leading POS and PMS providers, with an API toolkit available for rapid integration to additional POS systems.

With the adoption of EMV cards in the United States, merchants will full-service restaurants require a Pay At Table solution for their customers.  FreedomPay offers merchants a mobile EMV and NFC-ready device that connects to the merchant’s POS system via Bluetooth, WiFi and/or cellular network to enable payment at the table.

Mobile, tablet-based POS devices and self-service kiosks are changing the way merchants can interact with their customers.  With real time transaction data from FreedomPay, merchants can deliver offers, loyalty rewards and targeted advertising content to their customers.  FreedomPay leverages SKU-level data at checkout and connections to cloud hosted platforms to deliver highly personalized incentives and customer interaction based on behaviors or customer attributes.

Online Commerce

The PCI scope-reducing benefits of a Validated P2PE solution are contingent on eliminating all unencrypted data from the merchant’s environment.  This becomes a complicated task for the diverse requirements of an enterprise merchant that accepts payment through e-commerce sales, retailing through a virtual terminal, and reservations made with third-party booking systems.

FreedomPay’s Hosted Payment Page enables merchants to segment out e-commerce payment data from the merchant’s e-commerce environment and process payments through the secure FreedomPay gateway.  For online sales that originate on third party travel and reservation websites, FreedomPay’s Payment Information Proxy (PIP) service tokenizes the payment information before it enters the merchant’s network, ensuring no unencrypted card data is present in the environment.


To learn more about FreedomPay’s solutions for hospitality, please contact a payment expert today at commerce@freedompay.com