Posted June 08, 2016 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay Provides a Secure Payment Solution for Fans During the NBA Finals and NFL Championship

At live events across the country, hundreds of thousands of people are making purchases via credit cards and mobile payments – from hot dogs and jerseys, to beers and brats. All of these customers want to make sure their payment information is confidential and secure, and merchants need a trusted solution that will protect them from data breaches.

FreedomPay is the leader in secure payment technology and was selected to protect transactions at the NBA Finals and the Big Game (you know, that big football game in early February). Through our innovative platform, partnerships, and point of sale integrations, FreedomPay is rapidly expanding to become the secure payment platform of choice for stadiums and arenas across the country. At Quicken Loans Arena, Levi Stadium, and dozens of major and minor league stadiums across the nation, fans want to enjoy the game and not worry about their credit card information being stolen.

With so much mon49ey being spent and processed, both customers and merchants need to know that all sensitive cardholder information is encrypted and secure. FreedomPay was selected to protect all these transactions based on our innovative, flexible features and our robust partnerships.

Our Commerce Platform offers PCI-validated P2PE with EMV, NFC and many other innovative capabilities. P2PE stands for Point-to-Point Encryption, which means a customer’s credit card information is encrypted by the FreedomPay platform after their card is swiped or inserted to make a purchase. It remains encrypted until it reaches its final destination and is decoded, so if hackers targeted a merchants’ POS system or network, they could only see gibberish. Our encryption functionality, combined with our integrations with major companies like Appetize, Oracle/MICROS, NCR Quest, Revel Systems, and Stadium One have made us the #1 choice for stadiums and arenas across the country.

Venues across the U.S. need a trusted payment solution for their hundreds of thousands of customers at their largest events. FreedomPay is the only payments technology company that has secured payments at the last two NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena and the Big Game – and we’ll be doing it for the next two years.

“FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform has rapidly become the choice of major sporting venues across the country,” said Christopher Kronenthal, FreedomPay’s chief technology officer, “because we continue to deliver the most innovative and flexible secure payment solutions available in the market.”video-thumb-hospitality-n

So, if you find yourself at the NBA Finals or the NFL Championship game in the future, you can focus on the action on the field knowing your transactions are protected by FreedomPay.