Posted October 26, 2016 by FreedomPay

Pay-at-Table Solution Offers Enhanced Service and Security with P2PE

Tableside payment solutions are increasingly in demand in today’s competitive hospitality industry. The improved check-out times these systems provide benefit both consumers and proprietors. But these payment options come with challenges as well. What about security? Can restaurants assure consumers that their payment data is safe? What about new chip card and mobile wallet transactions? Can restaurants offer customers the convenience of these options tableside?

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill knows the answers to these questions as they prepare to roll out FreedomPay’s Pay-at-Table Solution at their 38 locations in the U.S. Recently recognized by Nation’s Restaurant News as a “Breakout Brand,” the company is as serious about security as it is about its signature dishes and drinks. FreedomPay’s Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) will provide PCI certified security for their transactions as well as the flexibility to process chip card (EMV) and mobile (NFC) payments.

FreedomPay was the first company in the U.S. to be certified in P2PE encryption by the Payment Card Industry (PCI.) PCI certification in data security standards reduces regulatory compliance burdens on vendors who choose FreedomPay’s payment solutions. Visit us online to learn how your business can benefit from improved service and unrivaled data security in your payment processing system.

Watch the video below to see just how simple Pay-at-Table is to use!


Posted October 19, 2016 by FreedomPay

Hotel Industry Turns to Integration for Full-Network Payment Protection

Among the countless data breaches occurring throughout businesses and institutions every day, assaults on a hospitality establishment can be the most devastating to customers. When staying at a resort, customers use their credit cards at different locations like spas and restaurants as they enjoy their stay. To maintain this relaxing atmosphere, hotels need to do everything they can to prevent data breaches and protect their customers’ sensitive financial information.

Customers should never have to worry about a malicious entity getting their personal information when they use their credit card for every day purchases. FreedomPay is the only solution provider in the payment industry that provides protection across the entirety of merchants’ payment systems within a hospitality environment. FreedomPay offers extensive integrations with leading PMS and POS systems used throughout hotels.

Stories about data breaches at hotels have found their way into recent headlines, and these stories are becoming more frequent. Even the elite Omni Hotel reported a breach on July 8th. As hackers’ capabilities increase, so must the security used to thwart them.

FreedomPay’s security reduces the impact of attacks by removing all usable credit card data from the hotel’s network. Because we can provide this breadth of security across the entirety of a hospitality eco-system, our solution provides hospitality executives with peace of mind in a challenging security environment. In addition, by deploying FreedomPay’s platform, transaction data from across the resort is captured in a single solution and can be used for loyalty and rewards programs.

This payment security benefits both the customer and client. It provides customers peace of mind their financial information is safe throughout the entire hotel, and it allows the hotel to secure credit card transactions across disparate point of sales throughout the resort. Our platform is integrated with all the major Oracle Hospitality PMS and POS solutions, which simplifies deployment. The FreedomPay Hosted Payment Page also secures online customer transactions made on hotel ecommerce sites.

Overseeing your establishment’s security can be an arduous task given the number of providers in the market. However, at FreedomPay we pride ourselves on the breadth of payment security coverage we can manage across entire hospitality ecosystems.

Data breaches are becoming a primary point of concern for all businesses. However, the payment security and cardholder data protection provided and created by FreedomPay will always rise to, and stay ahead of, virtual security gaps within every financial transaction in hotels. Easy integration with PMS and POS systems in hotels’ ecosystems is leading to the widespread adoption of FreedomPay in this market.

Protect yourself and your customers with our top-shelf payment security and cardholder data protection. Check out our Solutions for Hospitality White Paper to learn more about how we secure hospitality payment environments.


Posted October 07, 2016 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay Wows RetailNOW 2016

This summer, FreedomPay joined merchants and payment solutions providers from around the world at RSPA RetailNOW 2016 in Grapevine, Texas, for high impact educational seminars, networking, and a few rounds of golf. Thousands of attendees gathered to learn and discuss the current state and future of the evolving point-of-sale technology ecosystem. Among the speakers was our very own Matt Donnelly, vice president of products and compliance, who gave a dynamic presentation on how FreedomPay’s advanced commerce platform provides omnichannel security solutions for smarter payments.

Swipe or chip? It’s more than just a popular meme, it’s the new complex payment landscape as retailers integrate multiple ways for consumers to make purchases, which also includes a tap option for mobile wallets. EMV (Euro Mastercard Visa) payments that utilize chip and PIN features for enhanced fraud prevention benefit merchants who’ve upgraded to the European standard, as they won’t be held liable for fraudulent charges. Although more secure than traditional swipe credit cards, EMV leaves card holder information exposed during transactions, fails to protect data during online or mobile purchases, and is PCI (Payment Card Industry) non-compliant.

FreedomPay specializes in providing merchants with secure transaction solutions with PCI validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) services. Our technology encrypts and protects data from point of interaction through transport and storage. To accomplish this, our system uses a process known as card data encryption during a transaction, transferring a string of alphanumeric code instead of the actual credit card information. FreedomPay’s secure platform unencrypts the card data and passes it to the card processors for approval from the bank. After approval or decline, FreedomPay then transmits a secure token back to the merchant for ongoing storage. Even in the event of a security breach, there would be nothing for a hacker to gain because no credit card data was ever actually transferred or stored, reducing merchant and consumer exposure.

Fast food restaurants, convenience stores, stadium concessions, and dining services are just some of the operations that can realize faster and more secured payments with PCI validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions. Online commerce and tablet terminals (favored by food trucks, outdoor events, pop-up retailers) also make excellent use cases. At FreedomPay, we deliver value to merchants and customers alike by making payments seamless, intuitive, simpler – in a word, smarter.

Our presentation at RSPA RetailNOW 2016 was a rousing success, and we look forward to attending next year in Las Vegas as we remain at the forefront of next-generation technology and commerce.