Posted March 27, 2019 by FreedomPay

Identifying the Shift in Alternative Payment Methods and what it means for Consumers



Customers want more. they want better experiences and that is really what our whitepaper and participation is about this year [at NRF], is really focusing on the consumerization of payments, and allowing customers to be the center of the ecosystem, so that when retailers want to engage, that consumer has the best experience possible.


Some of the exciting trends we are seeing [in 2020] are the interests in alternative payment methods, and that’s one of the areas that FreedomPay takes that concept of having a lot of variable payment methods but also tying that back to a merchant to make sure that they can integrate those payment methods into their loyalty program, into their existing business intelligence assets,  so they can get that great 360-degree profile of their customer, and really start to embrace the way they change within their business.