Posted May 08, 2024 by FreedomPay

Know More, Spend Less: Take the Pain Out of Payments Processing with Merchant Centric Acquiring (MCA)

High business overheads and a cash-strapped customer base mean that merchants are seeking opportunities to reduce their outgoings. Merchant Centric Acquiring (MCA) by FreedomPay supports their bottom-line focus by empowering merchants to cut costs and enhance their operational predictability and flexibility. 

MCA is the industry’s first independent referral advisory service. This indicates a historical lack of transparency around the costs and features that differentiate payment processors. MCA’s trusted advisors leverage FreedomPay’s robust knowledge and industry relationships and experience as an independent payment gateway to educate merchants, evaluate their current state, and explore opportunities for cost savings and enhanced efficiency using the best payment processor for their requirements. 

MCA presents businesses of all sizes with a uniquely unbiased opportunity to find the best pre-qualified, certified, and verified payment processor to boost their success. MCA trusted advisors conduct a cost and obligation-free consultative review of a company’s accounts and payment solutions. This includes a data-driven analysis of their transaction volume, processing fees, and payment type patterns as well as their organizational priorities. Finally, the advisors review their findings with the merchant, helping them to navigate the payments industry’s complex dynamics, terminology, and acronyms and identify the right tech investment for their business. 

MCA saves merchants a significant 18% on their payment processing fees. How? Standardized fees and structures strengthen merchants’ bargaining position by benchmarking industry rates. Transparent and locked rates mean no expensive surprises! Simultaneously, it streamlines their operations by empowering merchants to manage their payment acceptance terms and conditions. This gives businesses of all sizes greater operational agility, efficiency, and predictability.

With Merchant Centric Acquiring, transparency unites with cost savings and operational efficiency. Take the pain out of payments processing – try MCA free of charge, and with no obligation!

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