Posted April 06, 2017 by FreedomPay

Appetize Partners with FreedomPay for Point of Sale Payment Security

Picture this: You’re at the game and a timeout is called – time for a quick snack. You hurry into the concourse to find you aren’t the only one taking advantage of the break in play. No one wants to stand in line for 20 minutes for a hot dog—not when the score is tied and the game’s on the line.

Which is why Appetize—the modern enterprise point of sale—is winning the business of large-scale food and concession providers everywhere, from stadiums to campuses to all kinds of entertainment properties and venues. Appetize was built with the venue operator in mind, featuring lightning fast point-of-sale technology and hardware tested for fast-paced, demanding environments, all with little to no training needed.

When you’re accepting as many payments as Appetize does, payment security and dependability are top priorities. In order to ensure their platform is a viable option for high-volume, high-pressure situations, they needed a payment solution both their clients and their clients’ customers could trust. That’s why they chose FreedomPay.

With FreedomPay, Appetize can focus on doing what it does best: developing best-of-class software that food service providers and entertainment properties count on to enhance the experience of their customers. Meanwhile, FreedomPay ensures that any payment information used in the transaction is safe and protected.

FreedomPay—here to make your life simpler and payments smarter!