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FreedomPay and Amazon Collaborate to Offer Merchants Seamless, Palm-Powered Checkout Experiences

Chris Kronenthal, President at FreedomPay

At FreedomPay, our technology empowers businesses around the world to provide a robust, frictionless, and personalized purchasing experience across online and in-store channels. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Amazon One—the fast, convenient, and contactless identity service that uses your palm to enter, identify, and pay—is now integrated with FreedomPay’s commerce technology platform.

Together, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and FreedomPay’s technologies enable merchants to offer a seamless checkout process and a faster way to pay. Shoppers will be able to use their palm to pay with FreedomPay using Amazon One

Amazon One, a palm-based biometric identity and payment service, uses artificial-intelligence-like computer vision and deep learning techniques, including generative AI, to establish a person’s identity. Amazon One is highly secure and protected by multiple security controls using custom-built algorithms and hardware to create each person’s unique palm signature which is never stored on the device. Instead, these signatures are encrypted and sent to a highly secure, custom-built area in the cloud, which simplifies a range of tasks from payment to access. You can read more about how Amazon One was designed with customer privacy and data security top of mind.

With FreedomPay’s commerce tech, consumers and merchants gain access to world-class technology, including our seamless tokenization capacity. This feature enhances data security while delivering the seamless, personalized experiences consumers love. Tokenization protects customer data with a randomly generated “token.” Not only does this protect bank accounts and credit card numbers, it also allows merchants to recognize their customers. It also allows customers to build profiles of spending patterns and provide insights to deliver more targeted loyalty programs, promotions, and rewards. These features, powered by FreedomPay, enable consumers to use any credit or debit card to check out with any merchant or venue that accepts Amazon One.

Merchants face a rapidly changing consumer landscape. Payment flexibility will remain key to customer satisfaction and a merchant’s brand reputation. As consumer expectations continue to emphasize speed, customization and convenience of checkout, merchants must optimize every interaction with consumers by embracing innovation, prioritizing personalization, and delivering a seamless and secure experience.

A platform like FreedomPay’s differentiated and convenient payment experience is key to helping merchants unleash the power of pay with the world’s open payments platform.

We’re excited to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch this new solution and to continue building innovative new physical retail experiences.

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Cedric Lourie, Vice President of Digital Development at FreedomPay outlines the value of data-driven insights in enhancing customer relationships in a new interview.

We sit in a very unique space, in the middle of the entire payment ecosystem. This lends itself to understanding a lot about the consumers: what they’re buying, what they’re not buying, how they pay, and how they like to transact. 

Using our Business Intelligence (BI) platform, we can help merchants to understand what those trends are, for a variety of reasons; whether it’s enablement of new functionality, or understanding consumer trends to offer an enhanced consumer experience. Perhaps it’s the beginning of a loyalty at play where merchants want to use consumer segmentation to understand very niche types of consumers, so that they can better cater to them. 

Our Business Intelligence platform allows merchants to create and study any type of consumer segment. Maybe it’s their highest spenders, the consumer spending on certain products, or consumers they haven’t seen in a long time. The consumer segmentation engine within our BI platform allows merchants to generate these, so they can take action to drive their behavior and enhance their overall consumer experience.

Thank you, Cedric!

Take your understanding of your customers’ preferences and requirements to the Next Level with FreedomPay’s Business Intelligence platform.

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Cedric Lourie: Streamlining Checkout Processes And Partner Relationships to Exceed Customer Demands

Cedric Lourie, Vice President of Digital Development at FreedomPay, outlines the value of alternative, digital payment methods and the partners who enable them.

Consumer demand for innovation at checkout is booming. Merchants wishing to meet and exceed customer and guest expectations must offer them choice and ease of use through increased functionality. 

Very few merchants want to invest their time, talent, and resources into developing one-on-one relationships with the providers of each new functionality and integration they enable.  

FreedomPay seeks out and partners with third party providers of the alternative technologies that interest the merchants who choose our Next Level Commerce™ platform. We empower merchants to optimize their customer journeys with our agnostic, one-stop solution.

Perhaps your partner of choice is an industry giant such as PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Maybe you wish to establish additional functionalities such as payment with loyalty points, Pay by Link, QR code transactions, or gift card enablement. 

Whatever your plan is for your business, FreedomPay can help you integrate with ease to Unleash the Power of Pay

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Life at FreedomPay

Are you looking for your next career move?

Allan Moulds, SVP Human Resources at FreedomPay describes our approach to hiring and the company culture in this short Q and A session.

Q: How does FreedomPay attract such fantastic talent?

A: “Right now, in the market where you have so many tech companies scaling back, it really helps being a rapid growth company. A lot of people want to work for a company that’s growing versus shrinking. 

We have such a talented and technical workforce that people meet who we are and they just want to work with us. It comes down to, talent attracts talent.”

Q: Describe the company culture at FreedomPay

A: “Our company culture is really created by our diverse workforce. Our employees create the tone. We’re an established company with over 20 years of history, but we still hold on to that start-up mentality where it’s all hands on deck. Everyone can be a part of the goal.”

Q: How does FreedomPay approach diversity, equity, and inclusion?

A: “In terms of diversity, here at FreedomPay, we really try to attract people of very different thought, whether that be across gender, ethnicity, race, age, education level. We have a lot of women in tech who are leading the way. We’ve got a lot of leaders from different diverse groups that help create a better workspace for everybody and make it a really inclusive environment.” 

Do you have any questions about a career at FreedomPay? Feel reach out to our Hiring Managers.

Ready to join us? Apply for a current vacancy or submit your resumé.

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Driving Purchase Decisions & Engagement with Chris Kronenthal

Customer loyalty is the cornerstone of merchant success across every vertical. FreedomPay President, Chris Kronenthal, offers insights on the role of data-driven personalization, from incentivizing purchases to targeted follow-up communications.

Driving purchase decisions

How do you get customers to come to your place of business, check out and make that purchase? Really focus on personalizing that experience, whether that’s through a discounting strategy or some type of loyalty or messaging campaign, as well as references to advertising right at the point of check out. 

When that customer comes in, can you give them an option on the screen that allows them to see branding or messaging to really drive their decision?


Once the customer has checked out, Business Intelligence comes in. This is our offering to understand all of the rich consumer data that we’ve been gathering throughout that checkout process. 

Then, the merchant uses it to study the customer’s behavior, to get them to come through that funnel more effectively each time.With Business Intelligence, merchants can leverage the power of Next Level Commerce™ to unleash a consumer-centric reality. FreedomPay’s sophisticated platform gives merchants actionable insights at the touch of a button. These empower businesses to segment their customer base and target them effectively with highly relevant rewards, discounts, and incentives.

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Digitization For Flexibility, Agility and Scalability

How can Payments Technology support merchants’ response to shifting customer demands and evolving buyer journeys?

FreedomPay President, Chris Kronenthal highlights the value of an open, agnostic commerce platform.

“With how rapidly the consumer mindset is changing, we’re finding that merchants have to respond to that through digitization. Merchants have to be incredibly agile in their adoption of technology. That’s why FreedomPay, as a provider of a very open and democratic platform, is best at meeting their needs.

We provide a framework for scalable commerce technology. As a merchant goes out and identifies best in class, best in breed solutions, whether that’s a point of sale, a kiosk, or an e-commerce asset, etc., they have a very reliable framework to plug that into. Once they’re plugged into that framework, that organically solves a lot of concerns around consumer compliance, payment, data privacy and security, as well as operational benefits.”  

Learn more about FreedomPay’s platform or speak with a member of our Sales team.

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Breaking Down the Current and Future Business Landscape

Almost three years on from the first pandemic lockdown, a multitude of global factors and forces continue to affect and present opportunities within Retail, Hospitality and Lodging.

The white paper takes you on a journey to understand the external forces impacting payments and influencing the entire landscape. Our job is to strip that down and make it much easier for merchants and partners to navigate.” says Liesl Smith, SVP Global Marketing and Sales Enablement at FreedomPay.

Discover the relevance of Payments Technology and the international trends influencing business in 2023 and beyond by downloading our white paper here.

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How Global Merchants are Unleashing the Power of Pay

How can merchants Unleash the Power of Pay with FreedomPay?

FreedomPay executives and payments thought leaders reveal how merchants in retail, hospitality, food and beverage, lodging and more can optimize their business and reach Next Level Commerce™ by Unleashing the Power of Pay.

  • Chris Kronenthal: President
  • Tom Durovsik: CEO + Founder
  • Liesl Smith: SVP of Global Marketing
  • Kristine Greck: VP, Platform Solutions
  • Dave Knowlton: Chief Technology Officer
FreedomPay executives
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FreedomPay & The Future of FinTech

Barry Stearn joined FreedomPay 3 years ago as Vice President of Partnerships (EMEA) and boasts 15 years of experience across various Payments companies, device manufacturers, and gateways. Barry shares his insights around FreedomPay, industry trends, and the future of the sector.

What sets FreedomPay apart from other FinTechs?
FreedomPay is a Technology company that does Payments. We lead with innovation. This differentiates us from other Payments companies within our space, which seem to drive with Payments and play catch up when it comes to innovation and Technology. Our approach is progressive and forward-thinking. We were first to market with PCI validation, the leading encryption for Payments in the US.

Barry Stearn, Vice President of Partnerships

Describe the Next Level Commerce™ platform.
FreedomPay’s data-driven, unified commerce platform authorizes and settles card transactions made online, card present, and from mobile assets. We’re an agnostic solution, so we’ll integrate with any banks, payment providers, and Points of Sale for ultimate merchant convenience. 

Our integrations with localized service providers such as Network International in the Middle East and Redsys in Spain enable us to replicate our solution globally. As a result, we’ve seen exponential growth in regions such as the UK and Ireland during the first three years of our European existence.

We partner with the best-in-class brands across all verticals, including hospitality, retail, F&B, lodging, stadiums, gaming, education, and healthcare. Some of our key partnerships include Marriott International, Inditex, Footlocker, Dine Brands, Sephora, and MGM Resorts International.

Could I benefit from working with FreedomPay as a partner or merchant customer?
Absolutely! It doesn’t matter which sector you’re in, or whether you’re an enterprise company, an SME, or a mid-corp. FreedomPay supports businesses like yours, optimizing commerce processes for companies of all sizes.

Customer satisfaction is one of our core values, and we’re proud to say that not one enterprise customer has left FreedomPay in a decade.

How can you help my business build customer loyalty?
Our Next Level Commerce™ platform provides merchants with comprehensive Business Insights around consumer purchase habits. These can be used to personalize loyalty incentives targeted at meeting individual customers’ wants and needs. This contributes to strong brand relationships and an increased likelihood of repeat purchases.

Which functionalities do you support?
We support additional functionalities such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the innovative, alternative payment methods that direct customers demand. This ranges from touchless commerce checkout experiences and contactless payments to Direct Currency Conversion, or DCC (payment in your home currency while abroad).

What is the future of Payments?
As we see it, there are two key elements: touchless commerce and open banking.

Firstly, touchless commerce enables a consumer to register their custom through a business’ mobile app, entering a store or venue, and walk out with a basket of goods. They do not need to scan items, pay at checkout, or select an in-store payment option from their wallet or digital wallet. Going forward, Payments is focused on delivering innovation and a frictionless consumer experience.

Secondly, open banking is catalyzing the evolution of Payments architecture. Millions of customers across Europe and the US use open banking on a weekly basis to make account to account payments or to pay for goods and services. This is democratizing technology, but there is some way for open banking to go to become ubiquitous in Payments globally.

Thank you, Barry!

Check out our platformpartnerships, or hear more from Barry.