Citi Retail Services

"The FreedomPay Commerce Platform creates the opportunity for the manufacturer to engage with customers and make relevant offers at the point of sale to up-sell supplies and maintenance products that are available at many other outlets."

Running an Industry Leading Retail Network for Major Global OEM

The Company

With a dealer network of nearly 2,000 independent dealerships and over 2,500 locations, Citi Retail Services’ private label card for a heavy equipment manufacturer consists of 450,000 issued cards and a lending portfolio of approximately $4.0B.

The Challenge

Citi Retail Services wanted to enhance their promotional program by allowing highly customized offers with a centralized promotion management system.  They needed to provide dealers with state-of-the-art sales reporting and secure integration of credit card payments with dealer management system partners.

The Results

The platform launched in November 2009, and in just under 4 years, processed $7B in payments from 500,000 card members.  The PCI-compliant secure system supported 15 POS systems plus eCommerce at 2,500 retail locations across North America, including multi-lingual and multi-currency transactions. The FreedomPay Incentives Manager enabled over 1.3 million line-items to be eligible for real-time financial incentives, delivering timely and relevant offers to private card members.

ICC Solutions and WorldPay

"Notwithstanding all these constraints, FreedomPay completed the certification in a faster timeframe recorded than for any previous certification, all of which had used a test environment from another tool vendor."

ICC Solutions and Worldpay Partner with FreedomPay to Help Reduce Certification Times with VIABLE Solution

The Company

For over 20 years, ICC Solutions has been a globally established vendor in the EMV Test Tool space, supplying qualified test tools for all the major payment brands including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Their test tools and services are purchased time and time again by major banks, acquirers and merchants who love their ease of use and extremely high quality. ICC Solutions’ product portfolio offers a complete set of qualified test suites for contact and contactless EMV terminal testing for both Level 2 and Level 3, with products spanning the full EMV testing path, from initial testing and quality assurance to regression testing. ICC Solutions also performs formal merchant certifications. Worldpay, Inc. is a leading payments technology company with unique capability to power global integrated omni-commerce. With industry-leading scale and an unmatched integrated technology platform, Worldpay offers clients a comprehensive suite of products and services globally, delivered through a single provider. Worldpay simplifies payments by breaking through borders and obstacles to help businesses grow.

The Challenge

There was an urgent requirement to certify an existing EMV payment terminal configuration on Worldpay’s network – utilizing a net-new communication protocol, different than it had worked with previously. The challenge for FreedomPay was to perform the tests using a test environment they had never seen or used before, in as fast a timeframe as possible to avoid delays, which would result in increased costs. Further, FreedomPay’s dedicated resource had no prior experience working with the VIABLE solution set, or Worldpay as a host acquiring platform. The test tool used to perform these tests was the Worldpay VIABLE solution developed by ICC solutions and Worldpay. VIABLE operates in a unique closed loop test environment, comprising both card and host simulators in a single platform, facilitating extremely fast and efficient test campaigns which gave FreedomPay full control with no connection required to the Worldpay test host. When preparing for this, ease of use, extensive automation features and real-time “full result” analysis of the VIABLE testing solution, combined with fast, knowledgeable and collaborative technical support of ICC Solutions, were all instrumental in ensuring success of the certification in the shortest timeframe possible.

The Results

Notwithstanding all these constraints, FreedomPay completed the certification in a faster timeframe recorded than for any previous certification, all of which had used a test environment from another tool vendor. Combined with its proprietary FreedomPay Commerce Connect (“FCC”) middleware engine, FreedomPay was able to leverage the extensive EMV knowledge and experience ICC Solutions has gained over the years and benefitted from ICC Solutions’ relationships with all major payment brands. A close relationship was forged between FreedomPay, Worldpay and ICC Solutions, which ensured efficient progress and fast resolution of all matters.