"The FreedomPay Commerce Platform helped OTG get its POS and network 100% out of scope for PCI compliance in addition to giving them the ability to easily expand into FreedomPay’s service portfolio, which includes mobile payments, incentive programs, robust reporting and analytics."
Chris Kronenthal President and CTO, FreedomPay

FreedomPay Services OTG Management’s Award-Winning Commerce Solutions on a Grand Scale

The Company

Recently named to Fast Company’s Ranking of World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, OTG operates airport food and beverage merchants with more than 175 restaurants and eateries in 10 North American airports.

The Challenge

Support all national and international payment methods, languages and currencies through a highly secure payment platform.

The Results

OTG launched the FreedomPay platform in 2009 to support 10 North American Airports with $500M in annual spend.  The platform integrated with MICROS 9700 systems, as well as 10,000 customer-facing iPad and tablet ordering systems.  As a result of the implementation, the average ticket went from $5.80 to more than $10.00.