Posted August 10, 2015 by FreedomPay

Secure Campus: Complete Payment Data Security For Higher Education



With financial transactions occurring at all corners of campus, colleges and universities must ensure the protection of sensitive credit card information of students, faculty and alumni doing business at the dining hall, sports facilities, hotel, theater, bookstore and development office.


Recent data breaches at universities and university medical centers underscore how cyberattacks are concentrating on the exposed and abundant information stored within the networks of universities and associated businesses.  Data protection is a fundamental necessity for universities, and institutions must swiftly establish new methods of protection and detection that ensure economic and network stability.


The complexity of a college campus ecosystem requires solutions that are more secure, more centralized and easier to manage.  The challenge of maintaining PCI DSS compliance is intensified because in many cases, disparate groups around campus are managing multiple service providers and technologies.  This can lead to silos of payments technologies and a maze of providers and compliance requirements.


College campuses, like any large enterprise with highly diversified payments use cases, require a comprehensive set of solutions that can accommodate online, offline and emerging payment technologies.  With a broad set of solutions for card-present and card-not-present payments, FreedomPay is leading the way for college campuses to accept credit cards securely and efficiently.


FreedomPay’s PCI Validated P2PE solution offers PCI scope-reducing benefits across the entire college campus.  The secure transaction portfolio applies to all payments methods, including credit, debit, EMV, NFC and online.


Because card data is completely encrypted according to the PCI Validated P2PE specifications, no sensitive cardholder data passes through the merchant’s POS in an unencrypted state.  The Validated solution removes the POS and network completely out of scope for PCI compliance, with substantially fewer controls to manage that reduces the time, cost and complexity of the documentation required.


However, to achieve complete scope reduction across all payment locations in the university environment, solutions need a robust set of integration tools for online and offline transactions.  FreedomPay is uniquely suited to help colleges secure and simplify their payments infrastructure.


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