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Whatever you’re trying to achieve for your business, talk to us about how our award winning payment gateway to enhance your business. We are the payment technology partner you can trust and grow with. FreedomPay reduces the obstacles to growth and makes it easier to scale and build connectivity.

As you drive revenue and deliver customer satisfaction, know that safety and security are the cornerstones of everything we do so you can count on us to do what works for you and what’s right for your business. FreedomPay’s independent payment gateway enables merchants across many industries such as restaurants, hotels, stadiums, airports, and resorts to execute now and expand to what’s next.

workflow diagram of the Freedompay's payment gateway

“FreedomPay gives us the ability to standardize how we are managing payments across all of our channels in an integrated way. It also provides guests with secure and convenient options for how they pay, both in-Shack and on our digital channels.”

“Now more than ever, it is critical for us at Sephora to be able to adapt to the quickly changing retail environment. Our clients desire a seamless experience in every step of the shopping journey, and our partnership with FreedomPay allows us to maximize efficiencies and capabilities at checkout.”

“Integrating a safe and secure payment solution within our stores is key to achieving that. By investing in solutions that address the needs of today’s digital world and look towards the future, we are improving the in-store experience while providing our customers greater flexibility.”