Posted September 29, 2017 by 20nine

5 Critical Steps For Retailers To Reduce Cybersecurity Risk

The story is becoming all too familiar – another retailer announces that it discovered malware on its point-of-sale systems. Clothing retailer Buckle, which operates more than 450 stores in 44 states across the country, joined the ranks of the almost 500 companies that suffered breaches in 2016 by disclosing that malware was siphoning unencrypted credit card data.

For those of us who work with credit card information daily, Buckle’s announcement served as yet another reminder that we must always remain vigilant when it comes to protecting customer data. In the wake of this and other major cybersecurity-related incidents, merchants need to actively evaluate all of their cybersecurity and credit card acceptance practices to ensure they’re in compliance with industry standards and regulations, as well as leveraging the most advanced security solutions available in the marketplace. There are steps companies can take immediately, including:

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