Posted September 29, 2017 by 20nine

5 Things To Know Including Why PHL Isn’t More International

Monday is here, so make the best of it. Summer — hanging on tenaciously — has elbowed autumn to the sidelines for a while, we may hit 90 again today.

Now for some stuff to check out.

Gone shopping in N.J.

Somebody from King of Prussia went shopping in Burlington County and came back with a whole shopping center for about $22 million.

Natalie Kostelni reports on Westover Cos. buying the Towne Square Shopping Center in Mount Laurel. The main store in the center is a ShopRite supermarket. The seller is from North Jersey.

Versus the IRS

Jeff Blumenthal is on hand with a David and Goliath tale involving a local CEO and the IRS. Lannett Co. CEO Arthur Bedrosian, who is on his way out, notched a legal victory against the Internal Revenue Service. How and what happened is explained here, it involves Bedrosian suing the IRS over penalties of more than $1 million it said he owed and he said he didn’t and a judge agreed with him.

Atlantic County school is popular

Seemingly, all of a sudden, everybody is going to Stockton University down there in Galloway near the Shore. The Atlantic County college has become so popular that it’s enrollment is up 32 percent.

For more on that we turn to our proctor for this story, Michelle Caffrey, for some answers.

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