Posted May 11, 2018 by 20nine

Chinese Travelers to the USA Now Have Seamless Payment Options

With nearly three million Chinese travelers coming to the USA each year, a seamless payment solution is a natural evolution for a market that has matured using mobile technology from the inception of online payments.

Alipay, the world leader in digital payment platforms, has struck a partnership with Freedom Pay, a global leader in protected commerce technology. Alipay has more than 625 million users on their platform. Freedom Pay connects thousands of merchants in the USA, including financial services, retail, banking, higher education, hospitality, manufacturing, food services, and fleet sales. The partnership will provide Alipay with new customers focusing on the travel and hospitality sector. Freedom Pay also has a strong presence in airports and travel plaza’s across the USA. Payments made on mobile platforms including smartphones and tablets rose 55% last year which represented nearly 20% of all transactions worldwide.

Applications with a store mode or payment module engage consumers at a rate five times above those retail shops without it. Through the partnership, Freedom Pay’s customers will be able to market to the Chinese tourist market before they arrive in the USA, during their visit, and even after they have left. The partnership will take into consideration merchants that cater to Chinese travelers and prominently feature those retailers.

Fintech has become part of the business lexicon. Big companies serving both the domestic and international markets are all vying for consumer mindshare. Whether we are talking about Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or even the Starbucks application, mobile wallets are all the rage.

There has never been a better time to be involved in the mobile payment arena. Whether you’re a young startup, an established mature business, or somewhere in between, the need for insightful, qualified information around Fintech is paramount to your ability to compete in today’s interconnected financial payment world. The Mobile Payment Conference held in Chicago this August is the go-to conference to hear from those working in the trenches and the analysts with their fingers on the pulse of the industry.

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