Posted October 09, 2018 by 20nine

EFI Taps FreedomPay to Offer Customers Latest in Payment Technology

EFI has partnered with FreedomPay to deliver first point to point encryption (P2PE) payment solution for self-serve devices. As per the agreement, FreedomPay will act a secure credit card payment gateway provider for the EFI Self-Serve M600 station. The EFI Self-Serve M600 station enables clients copy, scan or print from a variety of sources and securely pay in a completely self-serve environment. The M600 system allows customers to copy, scan or print from multiple sources and securely make payments on their own. FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform will be integrated with the M600 station, which will enable support for P2PE with credit card payment and data security. In addition to P2PE, the Commerce Platform supports EMV, tokenisation, contactless and DCC capabilities.

FreedomPay vice-president of sales solutions Paul Guidone said: “FreedomPay’s unified commerce platform will ensure EFI customer payments are processed easily, quickly and securely across EFI-driven self-serve printing environments, ranging from retailers to university campuses.

“Students and their parents will love the integration with campus cards, billing and management systems, while all FreedomPay customers can feel at ease that they are paying securely while printing on-the-go.”

EFI Fiery vice-president of enterprise solutions Micah Kornberg said: “EFI M600 provides a level of convenience that meets important consumer needs for mobile document printing, and working with FreedomPay, a leader in secure payment systems, gives our user the comfort of a validated P2PE solution for processing payments, something that will help drive the utility and functionality of self-service printing in retail, hospitality and education applications.”

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