Posted September 10, 2018 by 20nine

Freedompay Obtains Elavon UK Certification

FreedomPay, a US-based white label e-commerce platform provider, has secured the Elavon UK certification for its Commerce Connect eCommerce and PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) compliant ePayments solution for the European market.

The move will enable FreedomPay to introduce advance epayment and card present services to merchants in Europe.

FreedomPay founder and CEO Tom Durovsik said: “There are no payment providers in the European marketplace delivering the level of security, functionality and service at the level of FreedomPay.

“We currently support the industry leaders across hospitality, lodging, retail, stadiums and other verticals and look forward to advancing the state of commerce for European merchants.”

FreedomPay said that its PCI-Validated P2PE solution facilitates high speed contactless transactions, while lowering compliance costs. The solution is also said to offer better protection in case of a data breach.

The certification will also offer European merchants FreedomPay’s multi-channel solution with hosted payment page, payment information proxy and virtual terminal.

The hosted payment page has been designed to accept payment data, authenticate transactions, and return a tokenised authorisation. Payment information proxy is used to tokenise transactions and cardholder data from third party sites before entering a point-of-sale or property management system.

The virtual terminal solution is used to address security concerns for card-not-present transactions by eliminating sensitive cardholder information from network environments.

FreedomPay managing director for Europe Tony Hammond said: “In a time of considerable growth and innovation in the ePayments market, this partnership allows FreedomPay solve for a merchants’ entire ecosystem by taking a best in class combination of eCommerce, card present and acquiring to multiple countries across Europe.”

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