Posted July 21, 2021 by FreedomPay

Nilson Report: Securing Networks with Microsegmentation

Interrosec is a cybersecurity firm that maps valid communications within a client’s network using its Flowsight product. Nonvalid communications, including those potentially initiated by an attacker, can be blocked and logged. This helps prevent hackers from moving through a network and gaining access to increasingly valuable information. High-profile hacks are often accomplished by infiltrating a single machine on a network through a spear phishing email. This was
the case in recent hacks at Colonial Pipeline, Universal Health Services and SolarWinds.

While PCI DSS compliance requires segmenting cardholder data to restrict access, usually through firewalls, microsegmentation adds further layers of protection by requiring permission for smaller parts of the network.

A network could have 500% more segments after mapping and microsegmentation, making lateral movement difficult for anyone without proper credentials.

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