Demand Generation

Customer Engagement Solutions to build loyal customers

Track Identity and Build Profiles

Go beyond digital wallets – say hello to ‘consumer persona’.

Consumers know their inherent value – it is time to recognize it, across all channels. Take commerce to the Next Level by recognizing your consumer’s ability to have multiple profiles and attributes that reflect their specific behavior and preferences. Link their common identifiers together with their preferred payment methods. Build complex segments that align to their anticipated behavior. Stop guessing and start knowing.

Enable incentives and target content

One size doesn’t fit all – and it shouldn’t have to.

Disparate Points of Sale? Complex SKU hierarchies? Leveraging a third-party reward system(s)? We pull it all together and put you back in control. Our global platform lets you coordinate, group and promote incentives across multiple brands, locations and geographies, providers and channels. Tie content to it, combine it with consumer specific identity or segments. Set the stage.

Drive traffic

Watch the magic happen –
in real-time.

Each consumer interaction becomes a fully integrated, seamless and orchestrated experience. The targeted consumer will receive the right incentive, with the proper content, at exactly the right time they need it – on all channels and form factors. Our Business Intelligence solution will even help you improve upon it. Track real-time results, A/B contexts and more – embrace the power of a unified consumer-centric platform.

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