Posted March 06, 2020 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay Integrates to Lloyds Bank Cardnet platform

London, March 9, 2020 – FreedomPay, the world’s leading consumer-centric commerce platform has integrated to the Lloyd’s Cardnet payments platform. The integration will enable Cardnet to provide advanced payment processing capabilities to Lloyds business banking customers in the UK across payments, security, identity, value added services and data analytics.

“The world of payments is evolving at an incredible pace. FreedomPay’s consumer-centric platform will allow Lloyds Cardnet customers to access the world’s leading technology platform for end-to-end commerce, providing a seamless payment experience to their customers”.  Said Tom Durovsik, FreedomPay CEO.



“The UK market is strategically very important to FreedomPay’s global expansion plans and by integrating to Cardnet we believe we can empower UK businesses to thrive while gaining access to cross-border and trans-continental solutions.”

FreedomPay World Europe is headquartered in Canary Wharf, London and is driving digital transformation and business growth for leading merchants across the world.