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FreedomPay releases theDashboard™ 2.0, provides unprecedented real-time visibility into transactions for merchants …

theDashboard™ reporting tool provides visibility into point-of-sale transaction activity throughout the enterprise.

RADNOR, PA, February 14, 2011 – Today FreedomPay releases theDashboard™ 2.0, a flexible new reporting tool that enables visibility into point-of-sale transaction activity. For consumers, this means more effective participation in promotional and loyalty rewards. For merchants, distributors, and manufacturers, theDashboard™ 2.0 lets them view the impact of their incentive programs throughout the supply chain, and coordinate inventory with close monitoring of supply and demand movements. This also enables on-the-fly financial decisions to maximize revenues, adjust inventories, and make changes across the supply chain.

theDashboard™ 2.0 may be deployed by retailers of all sizes. It provides a window into transaction activity across disparate points of sale, locations, transaction types, times of day, and more throughout the enterprise. The user interface enables easy-to-implement ‘drag and drop’ widgets to provide a custom dashboard for each user.

Sam Bellamy, Chief Innovation Officer of FreedomPay, stated, “our innovations support big-picture business objectives making it easier for companies to harvest and harness the powerful information that is available every time they interact with a customer. Now, with theDashboard™ 2.0, enterprises can quickly and simply measure, monitor, and manage Level 4 data to adjust to business conditions on the fly, converting data into actionable information.”

Enterprises can compare store-by-store results including daily volume, average ticket, and hot selling products. In addition, finance departments can set alerts that give them an early warning sign when stores drop below pre-set performance thresholds and drill down into precisely why these locations are underperforming.

Bellamy added, “In today’s competitive retail environment and challenging economic landscape, enterprises need to be nimble as changes occur at the point of sale. With theDashboard™ 2.0, FreedomPay is providing the flexible tools to make this level of responsiveness a reality.”

theDashboard™ 2.0 allows the enterprise to establish information access by role and scope. As such, a Store Manager may review sales activities for his/her particular store. A regional controller may review financial transactions for all stores within a geographical region. The corporate executive may review financial transactions for all financial, marketing and inventory transactions across the enterprise as a whole. For more information, contact Enterprise Sales at FreedomPay at 877.888.8430.

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