Posted October 15, 2008 by 20nine

Virtua Health Eliminates Paper Vouchers and Long Lines from Their Cafeterias

FreedomPay Providing Meal Tracker™ and Cashless Solutions to Hospital System.

October 15, 2008 – Virtua Health today announced that they have selected FreedomPay to provide electronic meal tracking and cashless services throughout their multi-hospital healthcare system. FreedomPay, the leader in payment management solutions, will deliver its integrated, electronic solution to the Virtua Health network, helping to streamline internal payments, from cafeterias to vouchers.

“Virtua provides meal vouchers to a wide range of people, from doctors to volunteers. Before FreedomPay, this was all done through paper tickets, which are extremely difficult to track, a terrific burden to reconcile and provide little accountability,” stated Steve Boyle, Senior General Manager, Virtua Health. “FreedomPay provides us with a simple online solution that delivers ongoing and one-time electronic vouchers, detailed reporting and the accounting we demand. Additionally, our employees were asking for the FreedomPay Cashless Solution, it provides a great employee benefit, reducing the time in line dramatically and employees never need to remember their wallet or cash again – they love it.”

Leveraging a decade of healthcare payments experience, FreedomPay provides a complete solution to solve a hospital’s payments headaches. For the Virtua network, the FreedomPay solution consists of two key, seamless offerings – the Meal Tracker and FreedomPay Cashless Solution.

Meal Tracker
The majority of hospitals and healthcare systems provide free or discounted meal programs for physicians, Residents, medical students, volunteers, employees and service recovery. FreedomPay’s Meal Tracker program enables hospital and department administrators to electronically automate all meal program administration. Meal Tracker is a web-based, real-time solution that links funds or free meal credits to a FreedomPay tag or employee badge. With this solution, administrators have complete flexibility and control over the scheduling, delivery and reporting of meal programs.

“Healthcare systems, like Virtua Health, are realizing that steps can be taken to provide greater benefits to employees while reducing operational costs,” states Andrea Waldin, VP Marketing for FreedomPay. “FreedomPay’s technology eliminates the need to carry cash, allows staff to get through the line quicker, and streamlines the funding and reconciliation of sponsored meal programs through our Meal Tracker.”

FreedomPay Cashless Solution
For cafeterias that need to improve efficiency, increase sales and enhance the customer experience, FreedomPay Cashless Solution delivers results. From POS technology, online ordering, payments management, settlement and member support, FreedomPay provides a proven solution that will eliminate cash from your onsite retail network. For the hospital and foodservice provider, check-out time is reduced up to 75%, shrinkage, fraud and reconciliation associated with cash are eliminated and the ability to create consolidated payments reporting and transparency is provided.

For the employees, the simplicity and convenience of never having to carry cash is tremendous. This leaves more time for lunch, and with FreedomPay’s automatic account settings and member services it is easy to set up and manage you account. In fact, 98% of FreedomPay customers rate themselves as ‘extremely happy’.

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Andrea Waldin
VP, Marketing