How to Protect Your Customers with Touchless Commerce

As global consumers are changing their daily behaviors to adhere to social distancing and self-isolation guidelines, businesses, too, are being forced to reimagine operations and change how they reach and sell to their customer base. This unprecedented crisis has created major changes in the way…

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What Does the Future Hold for Self-Service Kiosks?

Kiosks can be used in more places and do much more than ever before – from fast food ordering in restaurants (e.g. McDonald’s) to integrated transport and entertainment ticketing. Devices are now more robust and resilient and, as a result, are popping up in more…

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Navigating the Payment Gateway Ecosystem

We live in an open world – open for choice, collaboration, and opportunity. Being open involves connecting and networking in new ways and in the context of the retail environment, that means building and growing new ecosystems. While most are familiar with the ecosystems that…

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Top 5 Challenges Facing Retail CTOs in 2020

Retailers are embracing a range of disruptive technologies that are set to fundamentally change the way they interact with and service their customers. But what does this mean for the executives running the operations behind the scenes?  How are they coping with the pace of…

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Top 5 Payment Security Trends in 2020

Fraud is on the rise. With deep pockets and creative minds, fraudsters and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly organized, sophisticated, and focused on the low hanging fruit that exists within the retail space. The security playbook has widened, and now includes EMV, PCI DSS, and point-to-point…

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Giving Gen Z and Millennials More at the Point of Sale

Consumers in the U.S are growing increasingly frustrated at the slow progress that has been made in addressing the acceleration of technology at the point of sale. Whether it be unclear or inconsistent messaging (e.g., contactless), disjointed back-end systems, rapidly evolving and expanding payment options,…

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The Rapid & Changing World of Commerce Platforms as a Service

The world of commerce platforms now expands beyond transactional payments—information is king! Host Tyler Kern and Barry Stearn, director of partner success for Europe’s division of FreedomPay, discussed emerging payment trends, and how this fast-evolving landscape is becoming more complex. “Payments has become really an…

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Recapturing Hospitality’s Magic Moments

There’s a magical moment in every really good hospitality experience where a customer thinks “these guys really get me”. The winning formula for anyone involved in the customer experience is that instant connection that not only seals the deal or purchase but leads to unquestionable…

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Understanding Tokenization

More than a buzzword, ‘Tokenization’ has gone mainstream, protecting merchants against the perpetual threat of omni-channel payment fraud and delivering the seamless, personalized experiences modern consumers love.  Indeed, for anyone wanting to enrich their customer sales journeys, tokenization is now a must. That said many…

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