New UK Mandates Accelerate Growth of Contactless

As the leader in contactless payments, the UK has embraced the technology for over a decade. In the last few years, the UK has experienced a rapid uptake of contactless solutions, with digital transactions tripling over the past two years while cash payments dropped by…

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Can Biometrics Become Mainstream?

A few years ago, making payments with a retinal scan seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. Today, biometrics is the new buzzword in the security and payments processing industries.  However, getting biometric technology to comply with the realities of payments processing and the…

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Mobile Payments Unriddled

To be the global intersection of Fintech industry experts and analysts – where connections are built to bring clarity to the world of mobile technology and payments The Pays Apple Pay. Google Pay.  Alipay. Wait, how do I pay? With 48 million people over the…

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Staying One Step Ahead Of GDPR

If your company operates in the European Union, you’re aware that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect; May 25, 2018 was the deadline to have compliance procedures in place. But for companies doing business only with US merchants and consumers, GDPR does…

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FreedomPay + Microsoft Dynamics: Personalized, Seamless and Secure

For global retailers selling across multiple channels, creating a secure, seamless and personalized payment experience has been a challenge. FreedomPay’s recent collaboration and integration with Microsoft Dynamics is offering merchants a new and improved option: a secure transaction environment taking merchants completely out of PCI…

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Moving Forward and Giving Back: FreedomPay Serves Philadelphia 

Moving Forward and Giving Back: FreedomPay Serves Philadelphia Food isn’t scarce in our country—in fact, we have an abundant supply. But 1 in 7 Americans will still face hunger this year. However, Philabundance, a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia, is trying to change those statistics….

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FreedomPay and Freedom From Holiday Worries

The holidays are upon us! Millions of people across the country will be traveling to see family and friends. On the road or in the air, there are travel expenses that occur. In a modern world, paying by credit card is easy. The need for…

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