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Accelerating EMV Adoption In The United States

President Obama has signed an executive order to accelerate the adoption of EMV (chip-and-PIN) cards in the United States ahead of the planned October 2015 transition timeline. The White House said that Home Depot, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart promised to start activating EMV-compatible terminals by…

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What Mobile Payments Really Means For Merchants

Now that Apple has entered the NFC payments game with Apple Pay, merchants must decide how to keep pace with the technology.  There is a chicken-and-egg game at play: consumers will only adopt mobile payments if they can use it, and merchants will only adopt…

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PCI Validated P2PE Gives Merchants Peace Of Mind

To help merchants manage the risk of a breach, and the time and cost of PCI DSS compliance,  PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) provides the highest tier of payment security and removes the merchant’s POS and network 100% out of scope for compliance. Only solutions listed on…

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True PCI Certified Point-to-Point Encryption – Industry Misconceptions You Need to Know to Protect Your Brand

Proper education in the payment industry is crucial in today’s world of transactions, yet many merchants have fallen prey to misinformation about the security of their payment solutions – resulting in disastrous hacking incidents. In fact, disseminated solution security information is so inaccurate that merchants…

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