Post-Breach Survival Guide for Retailers

While continued security breaches may be making fewer headlines now than in December, their impact is ongoing, especially for retailers who need to take action – unless they want to be the next to face a crisis. In other words, it’s time to be proactive….

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Post-Breach Survival Guide for Consumers

Retail security breaches have continued to make news with reports of over 110 million customers’ financial and personal information potentially being compromised. While those stories may be yesterday’s news, the ramifications will be long lasting and require consumers to be proactive in protecting their financial…

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Top Trends in Retail Innovation

So far, 2014 is a year of record cold and snow, but the temperature’s warmer than ever when it comes to online commerce, especially in terms of security. U.S. mobile commerce sales rose 63 percent in 2013, with domestic online sales expected to reach $370…

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Winner!: Lloyds Bank with FreedomPay and Microsoft

FreedomPay Helps Lloyds Bank Win Second Microsoft Digital Wallet Event On the heels of a win with Barclays at the first Digital Wallet Foundry event, FreedomPay assisted Lloyds Bank with with Incentives and Mobile Payments components of their innovative, award-winning app at the second #DWF…

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Microsoft and FreedomPay Partner on Mobile

Microsoft considers themselves to be a devices and services company, not a payments company. They don’t want to be a payments company, but they know that payments will be an enabler for Microsoft devices and services. Microsoft knows that the right payments platform will help…

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