Oracle Industry Connect

April 10, 2018

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Join FREEDOMPAY for Oracle Industry Connect

April 10 thru April 11

Oracle Industry Connect 2018 is coming to New York City, and FreedomPay is excited to announce its participation. Set to take place from April 10 through April 11, this event gathers the industry’s thought leaders to share insight, expertise, and best practices. Highlights of FreedomPay’s involvement include the following: 

  • FreedomPay is a Gold Sponsor for the event.
  • The company will be involved in an array of events, including a round table discussion regarding how to stay relevant in a changing industry.
  • In tandem to the round table, Matt Donnelly, VP Security & Solutions, will give a presentation on Innovating to Keep Pace with Evolving Payment Technologies. 

For more information, visit FreedomPay and Oracle Industry Connect online.

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Event Location: New York City, NY, USA

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