Restaurant Technology Revolutionized: The American Pandemic Transformation

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. The U.S. scrambled to adjust to the new reality, and many sectors of the economy were forced to adapt and meet new expectations in a post-pandemic world.

As a result, day-to-day life changed rapidly for millions of people across America. Many restaurants shut their doors to in-room dining, and as a result once-crowded dining rooms began to look like ghost towns. Instead of relying on traditional operations, industry innovators and disrupters sprung into action to provide customers with safe and streamlined ways to purchase food.

The global health crisis accelerated technological change and exposed industry flaws around productivity and efficiency. Arguably, the restaurant industry was due for a major overhaul, and COVID-19 incited a much-needed change. As a result, restaurants’ daily operations have been transformed.

The technological changes that accelerated due to the pandemic have created efficiency and convenience in the industry like never before. Now, as restaurants continue to extend their reopening, those technologies will continue to propel successful businesses forward in a post-COVID world.

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