Create end-to-end experiences that boost your brand.

Incentive Manager

Adjust promotions in real time.

With FreedomPay retailers can create a rich array of incentives, simple or complex. You can also laser-target offers based on customer purchasing history, location, time of day, and even the weather. This way, your customers get the offers they really want—and if they don’t want them, you can adjust your terms in seconds.

You Can

  • Start, stop and tweak promotions in real time, enterprise wide
  • Allow redemption via web, mobile and brick-and-mortar stores
  • Track consumers and drive demand via geo-fencing
  • Discover each customer’s “loyalty score”
  • Create sophisticated financial terms-based incentives
Incentive Manager

Product Mapping

Find, combine and promote products.

Disparate Points of Sale? Different SKUs? We pull it all together and put you back in control. Really. Our system lets you coordinate, group and promote products across multiple brands, locations and online channels.

Product Mapping

POS Integration

Make every transaction personal.

Our integrated platform manages consumer identity and relevant offers in the cloud, making operations vastly simpler.

Your customers don’t have to scan offers, print coupons or fuss with rebates. Sales staff doesn’t have to type in data. Discounts and rebates apply automatically, in real-time and even in-line with payment. This streamlined checkout makes for a great brand experience, and encourages customers to come again.

POS Integration

Did you know?

Payments made with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets rose 55% over last year, reaching a total of 19.5% of all transactions processed worldwide.  Network World

70% of shoppers use their phones while in a store, and retailers’ apps with store mode gather five times more engagement than those without it.

78% of retailers plan to invest in mobile commerce this year while 69% of retail executives said mobile is an important strategic initiative.

Large retailers will spend $20,000 and need around 75 square feet of floor space to install five fixed checkouts. But providing five fully-loaded hand held tablets will cost just $2,500 with no loss of floor space. Yankee Group Report

Our goal is to help you turn electronic transactions into priceless business information. It’s a paradigm shift, all right, and here’s how we do it:

  • Switch

    Use one gateway to streamline every transaction.

  • Integration Library

    Boost your enterprise without re-engineering everything.

  • Security

    Ensure your compliance. Leverage our history.


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