As a global Commerce Platform, FreedomPay is committed to the security and privacy of its customers’ data.  We’re committed to helping you stay up to date on how and why your information is collected.  With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect as of May 25, 2018, and new privacy legislation being released across multiple states, FreedomPay has updated its privacy policy and internal processes and procedures to ensure compliance with these frameworks to help bring more power back to the consumer.

What You Need to Know

Updated Privacy Policy

FreedomPay’s Privacy Policy is meant to explain the data we collect across various platforms and how it is processed. This is an evolving document that will change over time, and has recently been changed in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) along with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, Colorado House Bill 18-1128, and California’s Consumer Right to Privacy Act, effective immediately. A summary of the changes made includes:

Data Collection: We’ve clarified the data we collect to include payment processing, cookies, marketing data, monitoring data of our corporate website, and employee data.

Data Access: As required by the GDPR and Consumer Right to Privacy Act, we have included information about citizen’s rights regarding the data we collect and how they can access, edit, or have that data deleted.

Interaction with Third Parties: As a payment gateway, FreedomPay is required to transfer data to third parties (ex. Credit card processors) in order to provide its services. FreedomPay’s privacy policy outlines what FreedomPay requires from these third parties in terms of security and operational procedures to ensure transferred data is properly secured.

Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails: Individuals may unsubscribe from FreedomPay’s marketing emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link within the email, or by unsubscribing at the following link: http://pages.freedompay.com/UnsubscribePage.html.

Data Requests

FreedomPay acknowledges the individual’s right to access the personal data we hold about them pursuant to the EU and UK GDPR, California Privacy Rights Act, Colorado Privacy Act, Connecticut Data Privacy Act, and the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act.  Customers wishing to review, amend, delete or correct their personal data may do so by contacting the merchant that accepted the individual’s payment card in payment for goods or services. If a customer contacts FreedomPay for this purpose, FreedomPay will direct that customer to contact such merchant based on its role as a Processor/Third Party Service Provider.

For customers who wish to review, amend, delete or correct their personal data as it relates to FreedomPay’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing or other systems, may do so by contacting FreedomPay through the below request form or by using one of the contact methods below.  FreedomPay’s compliance team will be in contact to address this request without undue delay.

Email: Compliance@freedompay.com
Toll-Free Number: 1-888-495-2446

Consumer Rights Request