Posted March 10, 2017 by FreedomPay

All Transaction Data Available Instantly in One Place: Enterprise Reporting Portal Empowers Merchants

As consumers continue to spend an increasingly greater percentage of their income via credit cards, online payments and mobile payments to merchants, the ability to collect and analyze data regarding their spending habits and purchase histories becomes more and more important. The merchant who doesn’t have a plan for leveraging the transaction data generated by their businesses will be left behind.

To provide greater insights into customer shopping and payment behavior, and allow merchants to make decisions that drive increased revenue and profitability, the Enterprise Reporting Portal by FreedomPay was born. This powerful tool presents transaction information conveniently in one place, so retailers are able to easily and effectively manage their business.

Many companies lack access to total transaction information, or it’s stored in multiple places, making it difficult to use effectively. Batch management and settlement may be in disparate systems, making analysis of patterns and promotions challenging. FreedomPay’s Enterprise Reporting Portal makes all transaction information available instantly, in one place.

With the Enterprise Reporting Portal, merchants can:

  • see all transactions across their business
  • interact with and edit pending batches and settlement timing
  • void pending authorizations, refund transactions, and more
  • manage large and small estates through hierarchical reporting structure

FreedomPay’s Enterprise Reporting Portal is available to all users of the FreedomPay Commerce Platform. It can be customized to best represent the merchant’s environment – structured around regions, geographies or locations. A simple and intuitive user interface requires minimal training, and the Login permission structure allows differentiated access based on each employee’s role.

The Enterprise Reporting Portal is the reliable partner you need. Its real-time reporting capabilities provide greater insights into how customers are shopping and paying to help you harness the power of new commerce technologies. Capture all transaction data across your enterprise, and turn it into business intelligence that can increase sales and productivity.

Since their launch over a decade ago, FreedomPay has been a pioneer in commerce solutions, including mobile payments, cashless solutions, virtual and remote terminals, payment processing, intelligent analysis, routing of promotions, and incentives. At FreedomPay, the product support department is passionate about solving problems and finding technical solutions that truly address the needs of customers. The FreedomPay support team are trained experts that can handle nearly any issue within your commerce ecosystem. Support is available to current customers, partners, and prospects.

Let the people at FreedomPay tell you more about the Enterprise Reporting Portal and its tools that help you easily and effectively manage your business.

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