Posted November 08, 2016 by FreedomPay

Automate cafeteria purchases with FreedomPay


On the heels of a national trend toward cashless transactions, higher education facilities, companies, and hospitals across the country have been looking for ways to automate cafeteria purchases. For customers, cashless transactions provide the transparency of knowing how their money is being spent. This only scratches the surface of the benefits the cashless FreedomPay system can offer a cafeteria. FreedomPay provides sites the opportunity to improve payment efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase sales, and enhance the cafeteria-goer experience. FreedomPay truly is an all-encompassing cashless solution.

For anyone who has been to a cafeteria, you know standing in line is the low point of the experience. FreedomPay greatly accelerates the payment process, allowing customers to speed through the checkout station with a swipe of their ID card, a separate key fob, or a sticker for the back of their ID.

In fact, our cashless system has already been successfully deployed at hundreds of major universities, hospitals and corporate cafeterias across the country.

FreedomPay benefits both the customer and the merchant. We already know FreedomPay offers the customer a fast and convenient way to pay. It also incorporates loyalty programs, giving customers ways to save money. Along with the loyalty program are incentives to opt for healthier foods by rewarding customers with bonus points for doing so. The carrot for the merchant is just as big, as the ease of payment increases the speed of service and reduces the demand on cashiers. Administrative headaches all but vanish as the secure payment system eliminates fraud and the resources necessary for cash handling. With a more streamlined payment service, merchants can serve more customers better than before.

FreedomPay integrates smoothly with all major POS systems.

With a turn-key and hosted service, required IT resources are kept to a minimum, allowing for the flexibility to expand to multiple campuses or locations. It also offers payment security to its users because no credit card information is included in the payment. Instead, customers are using points to pay which is independently funded by a credit card or attached to a bank account.

By Integrating FreedomPay’s platform with your legacy system you will save time and money! Go cashless in as little as six weeks with FreedomPay, and see why 98% of our customers are “extremely satisfied.

Visit us online at FreedomPay.com to learn more about our cashless solution and how it benefits both customers and vendors alike.