Posted August 10, 2017 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay Announces Allbound Partner Portal


As the first company in the United States to be PCI certified in P2PE encryption, FreedomPay’s advanced payment platform is not only smart and nimble, but service-oriented by design. Whether it’s sharing documents easily or hassle-free access to accounts, FreedomPay constantly strives to provide client partners with all the tools needed to succeed. Providing pertinent information relating to the platform as soon as it becomes available only furthers that success. With this in mind, FreedomPay has invested in a new partner portal — Allbound.

Empowering associates with the means to better market and sell FreedomPay products, Allbound is a turnkey partner portal offering a solitary location to access sales collateral, training guides, implementation documents, and marketing materials. Allbound also acts as a training vehicle and provides true visibility for tracking lead and deal statuses. In addition, the platform isolates miscellaneous information so companies only see relevant data. With Allbound, FreedomPay has added the ability to earn rewards just for being portal-active.

With Allbound, companies can:

  • Customize pages according to needs
  • Track leads and deals in real time without emailing back and forth
  • Create playbooks that keep all information in one spot by grouping:
    • Sales slicks
    • Guides
    • Training documents
    • Cheat sheets
    • Videos
  • Receive rewards for portal activity, such as:
    • Reviewing pages
    • Downloading documents
    • Logging leads
    • Closing deals

A partner portal must be feature-focused with a high level of functionality. This functionality is a top priority, however, FreedomPay also recognizes that Allbound’s weighty attention to both user experience and relevancy will be an even greater benefit for all. Allbound is a turnkey partner portal designed to boost success, providing everything from marketing materials to training to deal tracking, all in one place. And the rewards program is a definite bonus!

FreedomPay, along with Appetize, plans to soft launch Allbound in August, with the full rollout expected to take place in October. Current FreedomPay customers can expect to receive notifications of Allbound’s go-live dates.

However, if you’re not already a FreedomPay customer and want to learn more about this exciting new development, please contact us at https://corporate.freedompay.com/get-in-touch/#contact today!