Posted July 05, 2016 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay: Experts in Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

To steal credit card information, thieves once used the imprint of credit cards from the carbon copies they dug out of the trash. Technology has given way to a whole new kind of credit-card theft. FreedomPay provides retailers with a whole new kind of credit-card security.
16042227002_1d00e0771d_bFrom Kmart and Dairy Queen to Home Depot and Amazon, retailers of all kinds and sizes have fallen victim to the large-scale theft of customer credit card information.  Today, there are lots of points where card data can be exposed as it travels through a retailer’s systems and networks. Hackers use malware and other techniques to steal this data and sell it for use in card-not-present and online fraud.

To protect against theft of credit card data being stolen from retail networks, P2PE—Point-to-Point Encryption—scrambles card data from the moment it enters your payment device all the way through the transaction cycle. This means it’s unreadable and useless to anyone without the proper key to decrypt it. P2PE secures the original data, and if this data is stolen in transit, makes it very difficult for criminals to do anything with it. P2PE thus devalues cardholder data stolen from retailer systems, significantly offsetting the impact of large-scale database breaches.

When implemented in conjunction with the use of EMV chip cards at the physical point-of-sale, and tokenization for protecting stored data, PCI-validated P2PE provides the best protection for your customers’ data.

With over a decade of experience in commerce technology, FreedomPay has pioneered the innovation of transaction solutions, including payment security, rewards, and customer-loyalty services.

FreedomPay’s P2PE solution—fully audited and validated according to the PCI Security Standards—supports traditional and emerging payments technologies like EMV, and integrates into point-of-sale systems and payment processors. With the coveted PCI validation, merchants employing the FreedomPay P2PE solution can reduce their scope for PCI compliance and can conduct their business with the assurance that no cardholder data flows through their systems.

To learn more about how FreedomPay can help PCI compliance and other details, visit our website at https://corporate.freedompay.com/.