Posted May 24, 2018 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay + Microsoft Dynamics: Personalized, Seamless and Secure

For global retailers selling across multiple channels, creating a secure, seamless and personalized payment experience has been a challenge. FreedomPay’s recent collaboration and integration with Microsoft Dynamics is offering merchants a new and improved option: a secure transaction environment taking merchants completely out of PCI scope and delivering a unified purchasing experience that is personalized, seamless and secure.

Imagine you’re a visitor to the United States making a purchase at a store running the Dynamics POS and the cashier asks you if you’d like to pay in dollars—or in the currency of your home country. Paying with your home currency can happen securely with FreedomPay’s new integration within Dynamics.  In addition to in store experiences made easier, online purchasing with Dynamics is made simple and secure via FreedomPay tokenization that encrypts and stores customers’ information and gets them through checkout quickly and safely.

The FreedomPay Commerce Platform allows for significant benefits to merchants as well. It seamlessly bridges the gap across in-store, web and mobile purchases by providing a true omni-channel shopping solution that takes your entire network out of PCI scope. Using this connection, merchants can enhance the customer relationship by pushing a special offer to their mobile device, and track that customer’s journey across your multiple channels, building their profile and learning from their buying habits. Want to step away from the register? This works with the system as well by integrating FreedomPay security protocols into your sales associates’ mobile tablets. It all happens seamlessly and securely via the Azure Cloud.

FreedomPay plus Microsoft Dynamics has resulted in the first Azure-hosted commerce platform, seamlessly connecting online, mobile and in-store POS networks with a PCI-validated gateway that provides point-to-point encryption with EMV and tokenization support. We think that’s a match made in heaven—or at least in the Azure Cloud.

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