Posted August 18, 2014 by FreedomPay

How Merchants Benefit From Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE)

PCI-Certified Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE) is the industry’s most secure technology to protect merchants against a payment data breach, and the only solution that can reduce the merchant’s scope for PCI DSS compliance.

This informative webinar will explain what PCI-Certified P2PE really means, and why it is a critical security measure and business solution for merchants.

Join FreedomPay’s Chief Technology Officer and global security authority, Christopher Kronenthal, to learn how FreedomPay earned the coveted PCI validation for Point-To-Point Encryption, and how it can help merchants save money, save time, and gain unparalleled security over customer data.

Click Here To View FreedomPay P2PE Webinar Now (Recorded Aug 21, 2014)