Citi Retail Services

"The FreedomPay Commerce Platform creates the opportunity for the manufacturer to engage with customers and make relevant offers at the point of sale to up-sell supplies and maintenance products that are available at many other outlets."

Running an Industry Leading Retail Network for Major Global OEM

The Company

With a dealer network of nearly 2,000 independent dealerships and over 2,500 locations, Citi Retail Services’ private label card for a heavy equipment manufacturer consists of 450,000 issued cards and a lending portfolio of approximately $4.0B.

The Challenge

Citi Retail Services wanted to enhance their promotional program by allowing highly customized offers with a centralized promotion management system.  They needed to provide dealers with state-of-the-art sales reporting and secure integration of credit card payments with dealer management system partners.

The Results

The platform launched in November 2009, and in just under 4 years, processed $7B in payments from 500,000 card members.  The PCI-compliant secure system supported 15 POS systems plus eCommerce at 2,500 retail locations across North America, including multi-lingual and multi-currency transactions. The FreedomPay Incentives Manager enabled over 1.3 million line-items to be eligible for real-time financial incentives, delivering timely and relevant offers to private card members.