Contract Food Services Next Level Solutions
for the Food Service Industry
20% Average reduction of payment costs for operators
3 Number of months reduced in site go-live time
Top 10 All top ten food service providers in North America choose FreedomPay
200+ Hundreds of food service solutions available pre-integrated to our platform

Integrate. Incentivize. Delight.

Your industry is changing shape faster than a falling soufflé. Digital ordering, cashless solutions and shrinking margins are just part of it. FreedomPay brings new visibility to consumers and transactions across all channels, in real time, so you can control costs via payment optimization, streamline food service operations and work more efficiently with every supplier. We bring you predictability – in a famously unpredictable business.

In food service, providers often have to deal with rapid site takeovers, multiple point of sale providers or digital providers, and even additional acquirers just to get a site live. Add to this the need to differentiate by offering value-added services such as healthy eating programs, consumer loyalty options and delivering insights in the form business intelligence that influences buying behavior. FreedomPay wraps all this, including PCI and data compliance, into an elegant, actionable and easy to digest solution epitomizing Next Level Commerce™.


Stadiums and arenas, concert halls, national parks – FreedomPay services all with targeted solutions for each consumer demographic, in all-weather environments.


Order ahead, delivery, healthy eating initiatives and line-busting are all available Next Level Commerce™ options.


Public or private, online tuition or bookstore payments, student dining; FreedomPay has hundreds of integration points to facilitate all the popular payment types for your consumer.

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