NRF 2023

Last week, FreedomPay exhibited at and hosted a panel discussion at NRF, the biggest show in Retail. An estimated 16,000 industry decision makers came together in New York for the vibrant, informative event between January 15 and 17, 2023. Here are some of our highlights.


FreedomPay Unleashes the Power of Pay to reach Next Level Commerce.

As the commerce landscape evolves with new technologies and changing consumer needs, Unleash the Power of Pay introduces the notion of unleashing the power of payments to drive greater customer loyalty, leverage business intelligence insights, and bring value-added services.
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Elo and FreedomPay Partners to Transform the Digital In-Store Experience
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Flooid and FreedomPay Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Global Reach
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Moneris and FreedomPay Bring World-Class Commerce Technology to Canadian Merchants
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Tom Durovsik, CEO and Founder of FreedomPay speaks about his key takeaways from NRF, Unleashing the Power of Pay, and more!
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Chris Kronenthal, President of FreedomPay speaks about his key takeaways from NRF.
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Dave Knowlton, Chief Technology Officer of FreedomPay speaks about his key takeaways from NRF.
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Cedric Lourie, Vice President of Digital Development, speaks about FreedomPay’s digital product suite, and what’s coming in 2023.
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Liesl Smith, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing + Sales Enablement, speaks about FreedomPay and the global retail landscape in 2023.
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Matt Donnelly, Senior Vice President of Global Operations speaks about key takeaways from NRF 2023.
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Allan Moulds, Senior Vice President of Human Resource speaks on the FreedomPay company culture.
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Kristine Greck, Vice President of Platform Solutions speaks on “the “Unleash the Power of Pay’, FreedomPay’s global expansion and key takeaways from NRF.
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A live roundtable at NRF 2023 moderated by Dale Laszig joined by the top voices in retail payments from FreedomPay, Castles, Elo, and Spectrum. These industry thought leaders evaluate the current commerce landscape, the trends influencing its future, and success strategies for merchants.
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Freedompay, one of the world’s fastest growing fintech showcases award-winning global commerce technology and their industry-leading partner network at NRF. Catch the Highlights