Posted January 09, 2019 by FreedomPay

How Full-Service Brands Can Use Digital Signage to Drive Profits

The task for restaurant brands to reach and engage consumers effectively has increasingly become a challenge, as information consumption channels become rapidly fragmented. Digital signage, when paired with an influential consumer decision-making moment, such as at a point of sale, creates a unique opportunity where the fragmented world can be re-focused for a key instant.

For a brand to truly convert digital strategies into effective, repeatable ROIs, it’s paramount to reach individuals not only at the right time, but also with individualized, relevant messaging. This creates an enhanced overall experience and as a byproduct, generates brand loyalty. Brand loyalty creates offshoots of future business from the individual to the restaurant, which in turn creates a sustainable marketing strategy for future business growth.

FreedomPay recently rolled out DecisionPoint Network, a best in class digital content marketing platform. DecisionPoint Network serves to bridge the gap between enterprise brands and the ever-evolving consumer habits landscape. With a nationwide reach across millions of screens, DecisionPoint Network reaches new and brand loyal consumers during all points of the consumer journey, as they visit their favorite establishments daily.