Posted January 09, 2019 by FreedomPay

Why High-Tech Payment Could Be a Game Changer

With nearly three-quarters of diners stating that technology improves their guest experience, merchants must adapt accordingly in order to stay competitive in the food and beverage industry. Pay-at-Table devices do just that. Diners seek efficient service that ends with a quick, seamless and secure checkout experience. Allowing guests to easily split a check, add tip, and make payment themselves, creates more time for servers to focus on customer service, and less being tied up ringing in transactions. Table turn time is reduced, and profitability increased.

Pay-at-Table devices ensure a secure payment experience, as a guest’s credit card never leaves their possession. Validated devices such as FreedomPay’s enable Point-to-Point Encryption, taking this level of security one step further, guaranteeing cardholder data is never stored in a merchant’s network. Consumer demand for a technology driven dining experience, along with an increased concern around card fraud, places Pay-at-Table technology as an essential solution for a restaurant’s continued success.