Data Warehouse

The Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse You Need

As businesses scale, the amount of data they can produce is enormous. Especially in commerce where billions of transactions can be generated – basic website access doesn’t cut it.

Data is the new gold and for larger enterprises, especially those that are global, pulling data from a website, one excel sheet at a time (which has many inherent limitations), simply does not work at scale. In order to satisfy businesses’ needs for ever expanding access to data, FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce™ platform provides several enterprise mechanisms to seamlessly access your data on the platform. Because we are the actual commerce platform, this data is already perfectly associated and integrated across all your commerce channels – online and offline. SKU level, consumer-centric commerce data, inclusive of any consumer incentive capabilities, passed to you in a compliant and regulatory fashion – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Specifically, FreedomPay’s data warehousing capabilities allow to access a real-time stream of data, literally as a function of the business occurring, or, alternatively, you can access a pre-defined ‘data dump’ of over 120 points of data on a scheduled basis (daily, hourly, weekly or more).

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