Seamless Analytics

Control Your Data with Integrated Business Intelligence and Analytics

Achieving the utopian closed loop ecosystem of ‘demand, fulfill, study’ requires a business intelligence capability deeply integrated into your consumer touchpoints – that’s why we built one for you.

Many businesses are swimming in an ocean of data. Few actually cross. Disparate systems, multiple endpoints, varying stakeholder requirements, an overburdened technical team, budget constraints – driving actionable, integrated and compliant business intelligence is a multi-million dollar challenge for nearly every organization. Further – the end goal is often the same; identify your consumers, drive consumer-centric demand, fulfill that demand, and then study and refine the process. Simple, yet exceedingly elusive for 90% of enterprises.

FreedomPay’s cornerstone of Next Level Commerce™ is the fusion of the marketing, operational and intelligence components of the business’ commerce ecosystem. We have seamlessly orchestrated these together in a single, globally accessible business intelligence platform. That means that, completely turn-key, you can orchestrate SKU-specific, consumer-specific, global localized incentive programs across all channels from a single portal. If secure switching is your blue ocean, our seamless analytics is your True North setting.

Import your proprietary data, track KPIs, build consumer segments, automatically target those segments with incentives which are real-time available across all integrated channels. It’s all there, immediately available for businesses on our platform. Check out our industry pages, to understand how seamless analytics can dramatically impact your business.

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