Integration Library

Integration Libraries Easily Deploy Next Level Commerce Across Systems

Trying to launch a next-generation, end-to-end consumer commerce journey? Globally? That’s where our world-class integration toolkits save the day.

Integration is everything. Many organizations dream of being able to seamlessly connect with consumers at the point of purchase. We actually do it. With our toolkits, you can not only securely process the payment, but also collect data, act on it, and process analytics across all disparate systems in real time. You don’t even have to re-engineer every process to get there. Our APIs make it all doable. Android – check. iOS – check. Windows – check. Linux – check. Ready to get started?

  • A complete, self-service portal for all toolkits
  • Test devices, cases, cards and a highly reliable and performant sandbox
  • Completed certifications in an average of four weeks (including EMV)
  • Access to our dedicated team of system integrators
  • Ongoing updates to feature releases and bug-fixes
  • Promotion within our merchant and partner ecosystem
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