Product Mapping

Seamless Product Mapping Solutions, Across Providers and Channels

Often times choosing the best provider for your use-case means compromising the ability to tie together product-specific incentives across different channels. A single, global, omni-channel Next Level Commerce™ platform solves for that.

In order to have a cohesive, incentive driven marketing strategy, brand and product owners need visibility into the products that are sold across the various channels. For example, in order for a corporate marketing program to provide an incentive across multiple channels for ‘product X’, all references have to be intact across all the selling systems which may interact with that product and incentive to identify it properly.

While a simple task in a traditional, single big box retail environment – this ‘obvious task’ becomes extremely complex when there are multiple solution providers across the various channels, corporate and franchise operators with different standards, and possibly even multiple brands in play. Further, some point of sale systems actually have different ‘product ID’s’ across each install.

By leveraging our Next Level Commerce™ capabilities, we provide a product mapping engine that can seamlessly tie all those identifiers together at a single point, thereby allowing all of the other systems to centrally, and uniquely, identify all the criteria that should trigger an incentive. Combined with consumer specific identity and it unleashes a powerful set of options to drive consumer behavior.

  • Upload products into our commerce ecosystem – 1 or 1,000,000
  • Map multiple product sets together
  • Automatically create product hierarchies to simplify incentive management
  • Add attributes to products to enhance targeted marketing
  • Link together with third-party product lists for partner-driven advertising
  • Trigger incentives or messaging based on the purchase of those products across any channel
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