Consumer Profile

Seamlessly Integrate Your App and Customer Profile Management System

Helping customers use their phones as virtual wallets is smart. But these days, it’s just the beginning – in-store, online, in-app – your wallet works across all aspects of our platform.

With FreedomPay you can go as mobile as you want, however you want. But, it doesn’t stop there. Why limit your wallet to just payment? Consumers don’t think about your app, or their experience with your brand, in that way.

With FreedomPay’s consumer profile and wallet capabilities, we not only tie together payment methods, but we tie together personas. What are your consumer’s attributes? Preferences? Do they have specific payment methods they prefer, or even more – that you would prefer them to use? How do they access their cashless account, generate a QR code for payment or identity?

How can you show them an offer on a digital channel, and have it automatically recognized and redeemed in the in-store world? Across multiple POS providers and check-out options? Track consumers across web and physical channels? Do all this in a regulatory and standards compliant manner?

Next Level Commerce™ – that’s how. Our unified commerce platform ties together your customer experience across all aspects of the consumer journey. It’s a core building block of our overall identity management capabilities, and a big piece of how we act as a key partner in building out truly unique consumer experiences for your business.

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