Identity Management

Get a Unified Customer Picture with Customer Identity Management

Disparate payment methods, multiple token providers, digital wallets, CRM, plus compliance – identity is a complicated puzzle that requires a productized approach – Analytic Tokens are the answer.

In order to effectively engage a consumer across multiple channels and payment methods, identity needs to go beyond the payment. Merchants and providers will often use a loyalty number or a tokenized credit card as a method of identification – these methods work in certain use-cases, but can become challenging when ‘speed of recognition’ drives an exciting consumer experience. Further, keeping this information tied together requires several complex integrations, a significant compliance burden and management infrastructure, as well as considerable buy-in from vendors to achieve a ‘merchant specific utopia’.

This is where the power of a platform really comes to life. By utilizing FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce™ capabilities, such as the analytic token, merchants can leverage a vehicle specifically engineered to support linking multiple forms of identity from multiple sources, in a way that is compliant, and rapidly accessible (think milliseconds) from any point of consumer engagement. Plus, without our broad and highly valued ecosystem, we bring an existing network of partners which are already part of this framework, and a leading set of ‘battle tested’ integration APIs to quickly enable your internal technical teams and additional third-party service providers.

By achieving a seamless commerce and consumer-centric identity model, you unleash myriad use-cases for demand generating behaviors, truly unlock the potential of business intelligence and segmentation capabilities, and begin to open up the new world of ‘merchant ecosystems’ – sharing consumers amongst each other to create a wildly vibrant marketplace. That is what we mean by achieving Next Level performance.

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